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What is your country of residence

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Where did you find us?

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Sound Universe Website






Tik Tok


Recommended by a friend


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This course, "SM-QACBP01 - Quantum Alchemy Crystal Bowls Practitioner" will be taught only in the English language and requires the participant to be fluent in both spoken and written English.

Sound Universe reserves the right to reject any applicants who are not able to meet the criteria as mentioned above.


Yes, I am fluent in both spoken and written English.


No, I am only partially fluent.

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QACBP01 - Quantum Alchemy Crystal Bowls Practitioner Level One is an ONLINE course that spans across 32 days from the date of commencement as stated for your intake.

By pre-registering to this course, you, the student accepts and agrees to the necessary activities required for the completion of this course such as fulfilling submission of assignments and practicum attendance within the 32 days time-frame.

The administration office is unable to offer extension to any students. Any exception is at the discretion of the office on a case by case basis.


I have read, understood and agree to the terms and requirements as stated above.


I have read, understood, but do not agree to the terms and requirements as stated above.

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Do you have any form of training in Sound Healing? If so, please tell us briefly about it, such as the duration, instruments trained in and subjects covered.

If not, simply type, "This is my first!" 

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What are your intentions and goals in taking this training?

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What are you looking forward to learning and discovering through this journey?

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This is a professional sound healing training, for the foundational Level 1 you are required to have at least one Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl.

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Yes, I have at least one Crystal ToneĀ® Alchemy Crystal Bowl from one of Sound Universe's distributor.


Yes, I have at least one Crystal TonesĀ® Alchemy Crystal Bowl from another distributor.


I do not have bowls yet, I would love guidance on finding a bowl so I can be ready for the training.

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